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hyFlex® hybrid power systems

Pre-installed intelligent industrial quality hybrid power systems, designed for off-grid and low-grid operation in harshest climate environment (-40 to +75°C) and remote areas, with best-in-class weight-performance ratio ideal for roof-top and mountain-top applications. Modularly combinable in various configurations with photovoltaic, wind and fuel-cell power - ready to plug-in conventional power sources like existing DG sets or available but instable grid, ready to plug out supply for additional power consumers. Full-green hyFlex- hybrid systems are completely maintenance-free with 'zero-OPEX' configuration.

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suntrakk® solar tracking systems

Designed for our customer's special requirements to operate maintenance-free in harshest climate environment and remote areas. State-of-the-art sensorless and unmatched tracking technology ensures ultra-reliable operation plus achievement of maximum solar yield in order to fully exploit PV panel performance. Our one- and two- axis tracking systems reduce site-footprint significantly. Ease of set-up and installation allows fast roll-out and saves time and costs.

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genFlex® diesel generating sets

AC and DC diesel generator sets as open sets, silent, super-silent and ultra-silent design with longest maintenance intervals and lowest operational expenses (OPEX) in ranges of

iDC series / DC 4.5-12.5 kW diesel generating sets / Telecom DC, PMA - variable speed
PRO series / AC 6.0 - 3300 kVA AC / Professional AC
INV series / AC 1.6 - 5.5 kW / High Efficiency Single Phase
SPH series / AC 1.5 - 20 kVA / Single Phase
PGS series / AC 0.5 - 55 MWe / Power stations

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gridFlex® microgrid and community power solutions

Modular combinations of our hyFlex, genFlex and suntrakk products to optionally be extended by cuttingedge wind turbines and biomass systems as well as high-efficient energy storagetechnology – all ready to be integrated to the microgrid system.
gridFlex microgrids can also be plugged in/out to available but unstable grid lines of power utilities.