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cebeEnergy relies on robust and efficient SIEMENS tracking technology

Photovoltaic systems are at their most efficient when sun shines as vertically as possible onto the collector surfaces and no shadow falls onto PV cells.
However, the sun's radiation is subject to daily, seasonal and weather-related fluctuations.
Static photovoltaic systems therefore generally experience significant lower electricity yield over the day and over the year.
Not so for photovoltaic systems in which the panels and modules are mounted on a moving support systems.
Using robust SIEMENS tracking technology, our Solar Tracking Systems come very close to achieving the goal of maximum solar and electricity yield.

Algorithm position tracking accuracy of 0.0003°

For remote area applications and harsh climate operation, light sensor- controlled tracking systems are ineligible because pollution is causing sensor errors, increasingly in countries where e.g. sand storms are frequent occurrence. Polluted sensors are known for leading to permanent power-wasting due to wandering solar tracking by not finding back to sun position. This is causing maintenance with additional manpower and expenses for cleaning to continue operation.

Our SIEMENS Solar Tracking Control Systems are solution for single- and dual-axis solar tracking systems, controlling movement in azimuthal and zenithal directions.

The modules are optimally aligned to constantly maximize solar energy regardless of the sun's position. These solar tracking systems have significant higher energy yield than fixed PV systems. Additional yield rate is also depending on the intensity of the sunlight at the installation site because the closer an installation is to the equator, the more efficiently the PV tracking systems operate.

sunTrakk® Solar Tracking Systems are controlled by solar position algorithm which is stored in every control unit.
Specific GPS site positioning will automatically be taken at commissioning of our sunTrakk® Solar Tracking Systems, after this process the controller will operate autonomously from any external signal and maintenance-free.

A SIEMENS library runs an astronomical algorithm which is stored in every CPU. The position of the sun (sun vector) is determined exactly by an algorithm based on parameters such as longitude, latitude and exact time. The library outputs nominal values controlling the actuators and drives with which every tracker is moved.

All tracking movements from single trackers up to solar parks can be centrally visualized and monitored with an OLE for Process Control (OPC) servers remotely.

On this basis, sunTrakk® Solar Tracking control system is able to determine the position of the sun to an accuracy of 0.0003° and align the photovoltaic modules accordingly.
This makes our sunTrakk® Solar Tracking Systems completely maintenance-free which is most ideal solution for telecom and network business, but also for any other businesses, in order to operate solar powered systems with highest efficiency at lowest costs.

Rotating and tilting to coordinates

The course of the sun is changing constantly during the day and during the year, and is different everywhere in the world. Data on the sun's position are converted into individually parameterizable control programs for any location in the world, allowing precise tracking based on astronomical information.
The programmable logic controller (PLC) programming enables sunTrakk® Solar Tracking Systems to respond to snow, thunderstorms, fog, darkness and wind.

Remotely monitor & modify by iPhone and iPad

SIEMENS controllers also enable our sunTrakk® Solar Tracking Systems not only to simulate the specific astronomical movement of the sun, but also to adapt to climatic conditions – as well as working remotely controlled by OMC's, desktop computers, notebooks as well as mobile devices. 

For iOS- software devices like iPhone and iPad, related APP can be downloaded for fully configured system access and diagnostics.

Cost-effective operation and monitoring

Wireless PROFIBUS to Ethernet and GSM communication of our controllers help significantly saving investment, operation and maintenance costs and give solar energy productivity a decisive boost.


It's the interplay that makes the difference

  • Fast, easy and flexible industrial communication
  • Integrated PROFINET Interface
  • Communication with third-party devices
  • Easy communication modules
  • Fast fieldbus communication via PROFIBUS – the fieldbus standard
  • Simple networking
  • Simple Telecontrol applications via GPRS
  • Easy communication via AS-i

Industrial Ethernet is used as backbone for efficient automation systems and their remote control.

This allows our sunTrakk® Solar Tracking Systems to fully interplay with all models of our hyFlex® Hybrid Systems and also our gridFlex® Microgrid systems for perfect interaction and full-system diagnostics.

Our engineering team is supporting on projecting your particular requirements with know-how and calculation software, and will find most efficient configurations for intended applications and projects.

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