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Corporate Social Responsibility


Socially responsible conduct is one of the principles of our company operations. Our efforts spread out over a wide spectrum of social activities, as we contribute in different donations of social significance. We donate and support projects related to health, education, sports and the preservation of natural heritage.

This way, we create added value for the community in its broadest sense.
We selected key areas collaborating in sponsorship and donation as our social-societal contribution.

Humanitarian Projects
By donating to humanitarian organizations and medical research, we add our contribution to the community. Target is to support those which are indigent, undersupplied or sick.

Environmental Protection
Our world is a gift we have received, and this is why we as a company help preserving and enriching the legacy of our environment.
These basic approaches and values are important to us in all our daily activities.

Sports Promoting
We are aware of the fact that sport is connecting people, brings them together as important part of social life, and does keep people well and healthy.
This is why we are supporting sports clubs and their youth teams.



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